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#FunFact: A few years ago I used to work at @parisbaguette_usa in #KoreaTown and my favorite shift was the register because I got a thrill from taking a long line down to nothing. It was also fun to talk to customers. Funny enough, most customers always assumed I was Korean - to the point where they would get angry and refuse to talk to me when I told them I couldn't understand them. Since then, I learned to pick up common orders and figured out most things via context clues. I'd nod my head and say "mm" as a safe way to let them know I understand. Since then, I've still been mistaken as being Korean and don't really know why. I'm #Taiwanese haha and don't really see the resemblance? But then again, many people have said I looked like a bunny... and I don't see that either. Well now, I feel like I'm really throwing mixed signals wearing @korelimited P.S. am I doing this pose right? #streetstyle #KORE #jennhanftstyle

The Look